Granite Steps & Walkways

Minute Man Masonry offers a variety of finished hardscaping options. What sets us apart from other companies is our technique and skill in setting larger stones. Stone masonry is very complex and involves several important factors that will make your set of stairs last a lifetime and more: the mix of the mud, the conditions, and our technique that was passed down from my great grandfather in Italy. Longevity is our priority; an uneven foundation can lead to shifting or buckling over time. We take the time and care required to do the project right, which is why our work from years ago still looks as good as when we first built it.

Pictured above is a set of granite steps and a matching herringbone walkway. The footing of these stairs was poured, a form was built on top and also poured with reinforced concrete. Granite treads were installed and a pattern of granite was cut to form the platform. The risers and side were done using Grey stucco. All stone work was waterproofed with ice and water shield, with new flashing applied.